Sustainability Committee



The following responsibilities are entrusted with the Sustainability Committee of BOC under the Chairmanship of the General Manager.

  • Conduct committee meeting on regular schedule
  • Review of initiatives already in place within the organization
  • Search for new initiatives and organizations or community leaders to develop relationships with.
  • Determine the Bank’s investment percentage on annual sustainability activities.  This percentage may vary in relation to the profit before tax (PBT)
  • Members of the Sustainability Committee monitor specific areas that have been assigned to them.



Impact Areas

DGM – Product &Banking Development

  • Micro-finance platform and how it is implemented across the branch network.
  • Product innovation and development to meet customer perception and expectations
  • Design new Green Banking products/ services or incorporate Green Banking concept into existing products/ services 
  • Development lending portfolio – The extent of its contribution to spur the priority sector growth along key drivelines.

DGM – Support Services

  • Material, energy and fuel usage
  • Building physical infrastructure with Green Banking initiatives to reduce carbon footprint
  • Digitization process to reduce carbon emersion
  • Introduction of renewable energy solutions
  • Other initiatives towards reducing carbon footprint
  • Recycling and energy saving mechanism
  • Delivery point ambience, customer access and service level point

Chief Financial Officer and DGM – Finance & Planning

  • Economic value addition – trend monitoring
  • Distribution of income among stakeholders
  • Indirect economic benefits arising out of the Bank’s operations
  • Monitoring of CSR Budget
  • Sustainability reporting to public

DGM – Human Resources

  • Introduction of e-based facilities and electronic/ digital devises among staff through the digitization process to reduce carbon footprint
  • Decent labour practices
  • Defined benefits plan obligations and Fund adequacy
  • Human rights issues
  • Team skill development and lifelong leaning
  • Career path development
  • Work life balance initiatives
  • Interaction with trade unions
  • Promote triple bottom-line initiatives among staff

DGM – Sales & Channel Management

  • Introduce digital channels to minimize carbon emersion.
  • Outreach expansion policy and progress
  • Provincial development

DGMs – Retail Banking – Range 1 and 2

  • Development and up scaling of SMEs
  • Responsible lending by adopting Green lending initiatives 

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  • Execution of identified strategic CSR projects in line with Sustainability Policy of the bank
  • Communicate customers on activities conducted on triple bottom-line