Sustainability Message

Mr. Senarath Bandara

General Manager / Chief Executive Officer 


Sustainability is one of the key aspects of the corporate strategy of the Bank of Ceylon. The Bank strives to execute activities that contribute to enhancing the economic status of the stakeholders, preserving the environment where the bank operates and building the society at large in our country under the triple bottom-line notion. The sustainability philosophy has been embedded in the business strategy so that it will synergize with other embedded philosophies to improve the economic, environmental and social bottom-line of the business with a view to fulfilling the needs of our society (both in the short term and in the long)

The role of Bank of Ceylon in contributing towards sustainable development is enormous (i.e: with its intermediary role in the economy) and it has the potential to play an even bigger role. Taking a holistic view, the Bank’s activities are carried out in a sustainable manner, contributing to overall economic growth, stability and uplifting of society whilst minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

The bank attempts to assist in developing our society through strategic CSR initiatives such as entrepreneurship development by “empowering under-privileged segment in the society to become self-sufficient through the BOC Mithuru programme” and “inculcating savings habit among the younger generation to build a sustainable thrift culture through “BOC Ran Kekulu Sansada” (School Savings Units)” – an initiative under educational programmes. These along with preservation of national heritage, livelihood development, environmental conservation, social development and supporting infrastructure development in the country through Government initiated projects; philanthropic CSR initiatives and employee volunteerism are linked to the business strategy of Bank of Ceylon.

The Bank issues a report on sustainability on an annual basis that presents the Bank’s performance in the wider context of sustainability, providing an insight into the Bank’s contribution towards the enhancement of the economic bottom-line, the environmental bottom-line and the social bottom-line. Bank is utilizing relevant international standards and guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to report on its sustainability.


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