Capital Market Activities

We offer a clear-cut financial advisory role in bringing corporate organizations to the capital market by way of Management and/or structuring of initial public offerings of Debentures and shares.

We act as Managers, Bankers, Lawyers, Registrar and Trustees to debt and Equity issues including advising and designing of:

  • The strategy and timing.
  • The steps to be taken to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Drafting the prospectus and other Offer for Subscription documents.
  • Coordinate the marketing of the Offer for Subscription.
  • Coordinate activities of other professional advisers to ensure a timely and successful transaction

We underwrite equity issues, thereby,

  • Optimizing capital raising effort by blending our experience, expertise and goodwill
  • Mitigate the risk
  • Boost investor confidence and bring your securities to the market place
  • Determining the right price for offering