Credit Cards

BOC Credit Cards

Credit Card is a convenient way of payment for purchasing goods and services. Bank of Ceylon is the pioneer of introducing a credit card under international brand name “VISA”.


Interest free credit period - You can enjoy interest free credit period of minimum 22 days and maximum 52 days.


BOC Seasonal discounts and offers with merchants island wide – You can enjoy discounts offers by BOC as well as Visa & Master.

  • Free  Insurance Cover

Life Insurance Cover/Permanent Disability Cover

For International Classic-Upto Rs.50,000/=

For International Gold   - Upto Rs. 100,000/=

For Titanium                 - Upto Rs. 100,000/=

For Platinum                  - Upto Rs. 100,000/=

Free Travel Insurance

Travel insurance of platinum card 


Benefit Type Maximum Limit (US$)   Deductibles
Personal Accident Insurance Cover upto  250,000/- Nil
Emergency accident & medical expenses &  evacuation & repatriation of mortal remains upto          100,000/- US$. 50/-
Lost baggage Insurance Cover upto 1,000/-  US$. 50/-
Dental  Care per person 500/- US$. 50/-
Loss of Passport 250/- Nil
Delay in checked in baggage 100/- 12Hrs
 Personal liability 2,500/- 100/-
Hijack daily allowance 50/- per day, max of 750/- Nil
 Trip delay 50/- per 12 Hrs max of 500/- 4 Hrs
Missed departure 500/- Nil
Maximum age of insured person     -   75 years    
Minimum age of insured person      -    06 months     
(*conditions apply)    

For emergency assistance in abroad, please contact Paramount Health Care Management Pvt. Ltd in India on the following telephone nos./email.

+919324089809, +912267515514, +912266620863              



The highest insurance coverage offered for Credit Cards in Sri Lanka

  • Limit enhancement for emergency situations –ex: hospitalization
  • Cash advance in an emergency - Withdrawals to be made at ATMs,  50% of the given credit limit.
  • Supplementary cards  - An additional card can be obtained within the existing limit or with a  lower limit for your loved ones for online purchases and expenses.
  • 24 hours customer service via our call centre (011-2204444)
  • Easy settlement plan - Easy settlement plan facilitates you to pay the transaction value of the products/services purchased in equal installments. (Conditions Apply) 


Eligibility Criteria

  • Age between 18 – 70 years (Over 70 can be considered in secured basis.)
  • Minimum Net salary Rs.15,000/=


Required Documents

  • Completed Application Form
  • Copy of National Identity Card or Valid Passport
  • Proof of Salary / Income
  • Billing Proof


Billing – A monthly statement is sent to the cardholder at the end of the billing period with the details of the total amount outstanding on the card account as at the statement date and the minimum amount required to be paid (i.e 5% of the total outstanding or Rs.500 whichever is higher). 

Read the billing statement carefully for any charges on purchases not made by you in case of such charges, notify the bank immediately.

Payment – The cardholders are instructed to settle either the minimum due amount, a desirable amount (greater than the minimum due) or the full amount on or before the due date.

Modes of Payments

  • Standing order instructions to recover from 5% to 100% of the card balance (automatic settlement option)
  • Pay through BOC internet banking (request your BOC branch to add the card account to Internet Banking facility)
  • Pay by cash or cheque at any BOC branch
  • Pay through ATM (request your BOC branch to add card account for ATM settlements.)
  • Pay through Cash Deposit Machines




Regular income earners

  • Duly completed application form
  • National Identity Card/ valid Passport / Driving license
  • Proof of Salary / income
  • Utility bill to confirm residential address (if necessary)

 Self Employed

  • Duly completed application form
  • National Identity Card/ valid Passport / Driving license
  • Copy of Business Registration
  • Tax receipts (if available)
  • Utility bill to confirm residential address

 Corporate executives (indemnified by the respective corporate)

  • Duly completed application form
  • Copy of National Identity Card/ valid Passport / Driving license (Note : Documents should be certified by the secretary)
  • Request letter from the company to issue a credit cards to the applicants
  • Board Resolution
  • Indemnity
  • Set off
  • Form 20
  • Certified copy of the certificate of incorporation


Any segment backed by cash securities

  • Duly completed application form
  • Copy of National Identity Card/ valid Passport / Driving license
  • Letter of Setoff

Types of Cards






BOC Visa Platinum Credit Card            

Personal Accident Cover Upto USD 250,000

Medical Insurance Cover  Upto USD100,000

Dental Expenses  Upto USD 250

Repatriation of mortal  remains Upto USD 6,000/-

Loss of baggage Upto USD 1,000

Loss of Passport Upto USD 250

*conditions apply

Rs.250,000/- & above

For high net worth customers

Joining Fee- Rs.1500 Annual Fee- Rs.3000

BOC Master Titanium Card

  • Free life insurance or permanent disability cover 100,000/=

Rs. 25,000 & above

For high net worth customers

Joining Fee- Rs.1500 Annual Fee- Rs.2000

BOC Visa Gold Card

BOC Master Gold Card

  • Free life insurance or permanent disability cover 100,000/=

Rs. 50,000 & above

For regular income earners

Joining Fee- Rs.1500 Annual Fee- Rs.2000

BOC Visa Classic Card

Master Standard Card

  • Free life insurance or permanent disability cover Rs 50,000/=

Rs.25000- Rs.50000

For regular income earners

Joining Fee- Rs.1000 Annual Fee- Rs.1000  

Special Cards 

Government Payment Card

The Government Payment Card has been introduced   to make sundry purchases giving away the requirement of holding cash stocks in government institutions



Financial Charges

  • Interest Charges

27% interest per annum will be charged for the card account balance in the following instances.

  • Part payment is made before/on or after, due date
  • Minimum payment is made before/on or after, due date
  • For cash advances interest will be calculated from the date of withdrawal up to full settlement of the card balance.

(The Cardholder may settle the full amount on or before the due date to avoid interest being charged.) 


  •     Late Payment

Late payment will be charged for following instances.

  • If minimum amount due is not paid in full on the due date mentioned in monthly statement
  • Late payment fee Rs.750/-

Over Limit

  • Over limit fee will be charged for exceeding the limit at any time during statement cycle.
  • Over limit fee Rs.600/-
  • Cash advances fee

Cash advance fee 3.5%, minimum Rs. 300/- per transaction

  • Other charges

PIN re-issue                            Rs. 250/-

Limit enhancement               

         Permanent                               Rs.  500/-

         Temporary                               Rs.1,000/-

Statement copy                                       Rs. 100/-

Embassy letter                                        Rs.1,000/-

Lost card replacement                              Rs.  500/-

Overseas courier fee                                Rs. 1500/-(or actual fee whichever is higher)

  • Joining Fee

Card Type

Joining Fee




Rs. 1500

Rs. 1200


Rs. 1500

Rs. 1200


Rs. 1500

Rs. 1200


Rs. 1000

Rs. 750

7. Annual Fee

Card Type

Annual Fee




Rs. 3000

Rs. 1500


Rs. 2000

Rs. 750


Rs. 2000

Rs. 750


Rs. 1000

Rs. 500

The bank reserves the right to change the rates and charges at any time with prior notice.

Government stamp duty 2.5% will be applicable only for all international transactions debited to the account in the same billing cycle.

How Should You Use Your Card Securely

The importance of protecting your credit card information is even more essential now, with the introduction of online shopping and various other methods of payments. As such, it’s wise to be proactive in preventing card frauds happening to you. Furthermore, the responsibility always lies with credit card holders to safeguard their credit cards. Here is a list of important "do’s and don’ts" to safeguard your credit card.



  • Place your signature in the reverse of the card in the space provided.
  • Keep your card number confidential
  • Ensure that your transaction is processed in your presence every time you make a purchase.
  • Check your card when it is returned to you by the cashier to ensure that it is yours and that it has not been tampered with.
  • Retain your receipts so that you can check them against your statement.
  • Inform us immediately if suspected transactions are appearing in your statement or received a sms for a transaction which you have not done.
  • Keep your statements in a safe place as it contains sensitive information.
  • Inform the Card Center if you are travelling overseas and intend to use the card.
  • Notify us of any change of the address or the contact numbers to receive your statements and sms alerts correctly.
  • inform us immediately if your card is stolen or lost
  • The cardholder shall exercise all possible care to ensure the safety of the card and keep the PIN strictly confidential.
  • In order to safeguard the transactions, cardholder can register for free SMS alert service to receive transactions alert to your mobile phone number.



  • Do not disclose the PIN no, CVV no and the expiry date to any third party.


Other Important Facts 

What you should know when using a Credit Card

Credit Limit – The covering letter accompanying the card, as well as the statement will show the initial credit limit assigned to the Cardholder by the bank, which must be strictly observed. The Cardholder may apply for an enhancement of his/her credit limit at any time, the Credit Card associated with an account after 6 months of usage.

Card Account -  The bank may debit the card account with the amounts of all card transactions, enrolment charges, interest and any other liabilities of the Cardholder and any loss incurred arising from the use of the card.

Card to be used overseas – the card is valid for International Transactions at service establishments and if its usage exceeds the entitlements as per the guidelines of the CBSL, then the Cardholder undertakes to obtain the requisite permission from CBSL by complying with CBSL requirements. However, under no circumstances should payment of the statement be delayed or refused on the grounds of excess drawing.    

Cash Advances -  Cash withdrawal is restricted to 50% of the credit limit and should not exceeded under any circumstances.

Cardholder proceeding abroad – A Cardholder migrating and/ or proceeding aboard on permanent basis , or who is deemed “non-resident’ as per the exchange control regulations in force at that time must inform the bank in writing, and must settle all billed and unbilled charges and must also surrender the basic card and any supplementary cards to the bank.  

PIN - Cardholder can withdraw cash from ATM’s by using the card in combination with the PIN.

  • Some merchant outlets in overseas require PIN to complete the transaction.

Loss / Stolen Cards – if the card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately inform the Call Centre (011-2204444). He/she has to file a report with the local police where loss/theft occurred. The cardholder is liable to pay for the debts/pending debts to the card account resulted from unauthorized transactions until the BOC card centre is duly informed by the card holder.        

The bank will be under no obligations to issue a replacement card to the cardholder following its loss or theft. Any replacement card will be subject to a handling fee which will be debited to the card account at a rate determined by the bank and shall be issued at the bank’s discretion on the same terms and conditions as bank deems fit as the original card and under a different card number.   

Termination – The cardholder may terminate the agreement by written notice to the bank. But such termination shall only be effective on the return and of all the cards issued, payment of all liabilities of the cardholder to the bank.

The bank may terminate the agreement at any time by cancelling or refusing to renew the card with or without prior notice and with or without cause. Unless and until such termination takes place the bank may provide a new card (renewal card) to the cardholder time to time.   



The bank shall be entitled to receive and share credit information concerning the card holder with any credit reporting agency and/or credit bureau and any person, corporation or merchant with whom the card holder proposes to have financial relations.

  • Once cardholder received the PIN, it is cardholder’s property. Therefore, cardholder should take every precaution to ensure that the number is secured and not compromised in any manner. Don’t carry the PIN in cardholder’s wallet or purse and don’t write it on the credit card. Memorize the PIN. Never write it down.
  • Take Cardholder receipt after completing a transaction. Reconcile all receipts with bank statement as soon as possible.
  • Cardholder will be liable to pay to the bank all amounts so debited whether or not a sale or cash advance voucher is signed by Cardholder.
  • Any payment to the bank will only take effect when received and credited to the card account. Cardholder should ensure that funds are available to meet any cheque given to the bank in respect of the Cardholder’s obligations.
  • The card account will only be credited with a refund in respect of a card transaction if the bank receives a refund verification acceptable to it. Cardholder shall be bound to bring all discrepancies or disclaimers in respect of card transactions to the notice of the bank not later than two weeks after the issue of the monthly statement by the bank. 
  • The loss or theft of the card, Pin and/or the card verification number should be reported immediately upon discovery of loss/theft by telephone, email, fax or telex to the BOC Card Centre.
  • The card should not be used for any illegal or unlawful purpose.
  • The bank may issue an additional card for use by any person nominated by Cardholder as an authorized user of the card account. Cardholders are liable for all amounts arising from or losses incurred by the bank in connection with the use of the card by the authorized user and which amounts shall be debited to the card account.
  • Cardholder should immediately notify the BOC Card Centre in writing of any change of name or address.
  • When travelling aboard, always keep the Card Centre informed of the dates and the countries of visit, if the Cardholder intends to use the Credit Card overseas.  
  • Bank shall not encourage/induce the customers to use Credit Cards to acquire land or any other property, payment of monthly installments of any property acquired by the customer or any third party, and/or any capital account transaction specified in the Exchange Control Act, Regulations, Directions or Guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.
  • Rules and conditions related to the Credit Card shall be governed by the laws applicable in Sri Lanka and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Sri Lanka.
  • 2% surcharge will be applicable for fuel, liquor & cigarettes. 

What is the minimum requirement to obtain a BOC Credit card?

  • Anyone who is above 18 years of age and having a net income Rs. 15,000/- minimum per month.


Can I use my BOC Credit Card as soon as I receive it?

  • You have to get your card activated by contacting us on the phone number given at the back of your card.


Why should I have a PIN for the credit card?

  • For cash withdrawals through ATMs
  • When the credit card being used overseas, some countries need the PIN to process credit card transactions.


Can I change my PIN?

  • You can change your PIN from any BOC ATM. We always advice you to do so.


Am I automatically receiving a new BOC Credit Card before it expired?

  • You will receive a new Credit Card within 30 days of the expiry date.


Where can I use my BOC Credit Card?

  • At any Point of Sale (POS) where merchant accepts Visa / MasterCard/Amex
  • For online purchases
  • At ATMs for cash withdrawals (locally or internationally)


Can I use my BOC Credit Card at POS machines belongs to other banks?
What is the CVV number and what is the purpose of it?

  • CVV is the 3 digit number printed on the reverse of your credit card
  • CVV is useful for online purchases


How can I check my credit card account balance?

  • Obtain internet banking (e-banking) facility from Bank of Ceylon and view the balance of the card account online. Request for same via any BOC ATM or Call us on the number provided at the back of your credit card.


How can I increase or decrease my credit limit?

  • Submit the request together with latest income statements to the Credit Card Issuing Department.


How can I close my BOC Credit Card account?

  • Hand over a written request to one of our branches or posted to us together with the card punched or broken to two parts.


How do I change my personal details?

  • Submit a duly signed letter with details of changes.


How can I get my BOC Credit Card Statements?

  • Monthly statement will be delivered via the post or e-mail.


What is the advantage of SMS alerts?

  • You can provide us your mobile number to receive SMS alerts for every transaction, which allows you to verify the genuineness of the transactions.


What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen?

  • You should immediately report this to the Card Centre or Call Centre.
  • Make a record of your credit card numbers and telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards. Keep that list in a safe place.


What should I do if I suspect there has been a fraudulent activity on my Credit Card?

  • Call immediately our Call Centre number provided on the reverse of your credit card and inform us of the suspected transaction on your credit card.


How do I set up a standing order to pay my Credit Card account?

  • You can visit any of our branches and open an account (if not an account holder of BOC). Thereafter you can submit a Standing Order request to set up a standing order facility for your account.


What do I do if my BOC Credit Card is damaged?

  • Inform our Call Centre using the number provided at the reverse of your credit card or Issuing Department and make a request for a replacement Credit Card


Can I use my BOC Credit Card overseas?

  • Yes. You can use your BOC credit card at any payment point which accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment networks.


Can I use my BOC Credit Card at any ATM to withdraw cash?

  • Yes. You can use your BOC credit card at any ATM which accepts Visa & MasterCard to withdraw cash


If I suspect someone has stolen my password or used it to make a fraudulent purchase, what should I do?

  • You should immediately inform to our Call Centre via the number provided at the reverse of your Credit Card and change the password.

For more details, please contact,

  • 24 hour customer service hotline :0112204444
  • Card Issuing : 0112205635-37
  • Balance Inquiry / Card Activation: 0112205424/25
  • Pin Inquiry : 0112205644
  • Limit Enhancement : 0112205638
  • Address/Mobile No. Change  : 0112205642
  • Billing inquiry : 0112204760-62
  • Card Issuing : 0112205635-37
  • Issue of visa letters for credit card : 0112205644
  • Card Closure : 0112205661
  • Delivery of card and PIN No : 0112205634
  • Travel Insurance : 0112205635
  • Recovery : 0112205677/5669
  • Installment/Easy Plan : 0112204764


Fax : 0112325092


BOC Card Centre, Level one

West Tower – World Trade Centre

Echelon Square

Colombo 01


Disputes/Complaints/Grievances on Card Payments

Click here for more details

Credit Card Dispute Policy Document



Credit Cards Interest Calculation        
Examples on Interest calculation        
Senario 01:If cardhoder makes  cashwthdrawl/purchase without outstanding balance  
Statement Date 30.11.2017        
Statement Period  01.11.2017 to 30.11.2017      
Posting Date Trans. Date Description   Billing Amount    
01.11.2017   Opening balance 0.00    
16.11.2017 14.11.2017 Purchase   5,000.00    
21.11.2017 20.11.2017 Cash Advance 10,000.00    
21.11.2017 21.11.2017 Cash Advance Fee 350.00    
30.11.2017 30.11.2017 Debit Interest 82.50    
30.11.2017 30.11.2017 Closing Balance 15,432.50    
Minimum Amount Due               771.62        
Due Date   22.12.2017        
Interest Calculation          
From date To date  Balance Outstanding Time Period       (Days) Interest Rate (Per Anum %) Interst Calculation Interest
20.11.2017 30.11.2017         10,000.00 11 27.00 10000*0.27*11/360         82.50
Total Interest         82.50
Senario 02:If cardhoder makes a part payment on or before the due date    
Statement Date 29.12.2017        
Statement Period 01.12.2017 to 29.12.2017      
Posting Date Trans. Date Description   Billing Amount    
01.12.2017   Opening balance               15,432.50    
22.12.2017 22.12.2017 Payment    5,000.00 CR     
29.12.2017 29.12.2017 Debit Interest 309.73    
29.12.2017 29.12.2017 Closing Balance               10,742.23    
Minimum Amount Due               537.11        
Due Date   22.01.2018        
Interest Calculation          
From date To date  Balance Outstanding Time Period       (Days) Interest Rate (Per Anum %) Interst Calculation Interest
30.11.2017 21.12.2017           5,000.00 22                       27.00 5000*0.27*22/360         82.50
01.12.2017 21.12.2017         10,000.00 21                       27.00 10000*0.27*21/360      157.50
22.12.2017 29.12.2017         10,000.00 8                       27.00 10000*0.27*8/360         60.00
30.11.2017 29.12.2017               432.50 30                       27.00 432.50*0.27*30/360           9.73
Total Interest      309.73
Senario 03:If cardhoder makes full payment on or before the due date    
Statement Date 29.12.2017        
Statement Period 01.12.2017 to 29.12.2017      
Posting Date Trans. Date Description   Billing Amount    
01.12.2017   Opening balance               15,432.50    
22.12.2017 22.12.2017 Payment    15,432.50 CR     
29.12.2017 29.12.2017 Debit Interest                     157.50    
29.12.2017 29.12.2017 Closing Balance                     157.50    
Minimum Amount Due               500.00        
Due Date   22.01.2018        
Interest Calculation          
From date To date  Balance Outstanding Time Period       (Days) Interest Rate (Per Anum %) Interst Calculation Interest
01.12.2017 21.12.2017         10,000.00 21                       27.00 10000*0.27*21/360      157.50
Total Interest      157.50