Savings Certificates

Ideal short term investment for your money and Earn our highest competitive rates with our savings certificates

Salient Features

  • No need to be an account holder
  • Instant loan or overdraft could be easily obtained
  • Interest paid upfront and available in following 
  • Face value is paid at maturity
  • No stamp duty/Withholding tax
  • Can make a nomination
  • Can be en-cashed in any branch
  • Can be en-cashed even before the maturity
  • Denominations for periods of 6,12 and 24 months

Rs 200
Rs 500
Rs 1,000
Rs 5,000
Rs 10,000
Rs 25,000
Rs 50,000
Rs 100,000

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* Conditions apply

For more information contact the nearest Bank of Ceylon Branch.

Contact our Call Centre: 011 220 4444.