Prosperity Loan Scheme "Saubagya"

Purpose :

  • To provide credit facilities to Micro Small and Medium scale Enterprises (MSMEs) other than the activities in agriculture, livestock and fisheries sector
  • In addition small and medium construction sector (Grade C5 to C11) constructors are eligible under this scheme to purchase related machinery & equipments

Eligibility :

  • Be a citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Be a permanent resident of the area
  • Should not be a willful defaulter
  • Be able to provide equity contribution not less than 25 % of estimated cost of the project
  • Be able to satisfy the bank with a positive cash flow and an adequate repayment capacity
  • Be able to provide required collateral to the bank 

Rate of Interest :

  • Adequate security considering the amount of the loan
  • Mortgage of property (75% FSV)
  • Fire, burglary insurance cover duly assigned in favor of the bank

Loan Amount :

  • Considering the size / category of MSME project - Maximum Rs. 25.0 Mn
  • For construction sector - Maximum Rs. 5.0 million

Rate of Interest :

  • 8 % per annum

Repayment Period :

  • Up to 60 months including 6 months grace period

Area of Operation :

  • All Island

* Conditions Apply

(Bank of Ceylon holds the authority to change, add or revise any condition, term or statement in this facility).

For more information, please contact the Manager at your nearest BOC Branch or call centre: 011 220 4444

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