Credit Facilities

Trade Finance Facilities(Pre-Shipment & Post Shipment)
Facilities are granted to meet the working capital requirement such as 
  • Letters of credit facility
  • Bills Acceptance facility
  • Hypothecation Loan facility
  • Series of loans for retirement of import bills 
Long term facilities
Term Loans 
It's a handy financial option available for corporate clients to cater for their multi faceted long term financial needs. 
  • Financing fixed costs of the projects new, expansion or modification as well as working capital could be accommodated through tailor made packages coupled with conducive terms and conditions for repayment. The fixed cost may include financing of lands, buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles etc. 
  • Competitive rates of interests and flexible monthly, quarterly, bi-annually on fixed installments or balloon or bullet type repayment terms, and additional structured credit packages are on the offer. 
  • Recovery of interest either under reducing balance or on equated installment basis to suit cash flow of the business  is another added variation to the repayment arrangement..
Bridging Finance Loans  are granted as a temporary measure until such time the proper security documentation is completed.  These facilities are normally considered pending execution of mortgages of moveable and immovable assets. 
Syndicate Loans 
Large projects are being financed by a Consortium of Banks. That means several Banks contribute to fund  a single project.  Normally Syndicate loans are considered when a single bank cannot accommodate the total loan requirement.