Other Services

CDS Settlement on Share Trading
Bank of Ceylon is one of the four (04) settlement banks of the Central Depository System of Colombo Stock Exchange. The following share brokering firms make their settlements through Bank of Ceylon.

  • Lanka Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
  • First Guardian Equities (Pvt) Ltd.

Clearing of Cheques and Drafts
Customer can obtain the above facility to clear the proceeds of their cheques received from their clients.  Cheques are cleared according to a time schedule stipulated.

Speedy Cheque Realization at Bank of Ceylon
Cheques drawn on on-line branches of Bank of Ceylon and deposited in any of the 305 on-line branches, will realize on the same day.

Cheques of other Banks deposited at any branch of Bank of Ceylon before 1:30 p.m. in the Colombo district / before 12:00 noon in the other districts covered by CITS * clearing system, will realize on the following working day.

Instances where Cheques may not realize as specified above

  • Incomplete cheque / Incomplete cheque deposits slip
  • Insufficient Funds in the accounts
  • If deposited after the cut-off time
  • When the paying bank requests for additional time
  • Any technical or natural disrupti

(Foreign Cheques & Foreign Drafts will not be covered under this arrangement)

If your cheque has not been paid within the time period specified above, please contact your nearest Bank of Ceylon branch.

CITS -Cheque Imaging and Truncation System operated by LankaClear (Pvt) Ltd

Encashment of  Cheques
Customer can issue a cheque to an authorized person and request him to obtain payment from a remote branch and instruct the bank to effect that payment on personal identification.

Cash Collection and Cash transport facilities for large Corporates
We will collect cash at your doorstep and you will be free of all hassles in handling cash.  Accounts will be credited  on same day value.

BoC  i-net Facility
Customers can view their Current Account Operations through the Internet..

Fund Management
The Bank could provide the service of transferring excess funds in Current  Accounts to a special Call deposit Account or vise versa on daily basis enabling you to earn an income on excess funds.