Offshore Banking

The credit facility is granted to the customers who are registered under Section 17(2) of the BOI Law No.4 of 1978. The type of financial facilities as follows.

Offshore Banking Division cater to 
  • Business enterprises approved by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
  • Non residents companies/Individuals
  • Foreign currency Banking units/Exchange houses
  • Resident/ Companies approved by Exchange Control Department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Customers can eligible to obtain facilities in any of the following designated currencies
  • United States Dollars
  • Sterling Pounds 
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen
  • Australian Dollars
  • Singapore Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Hongkong Dollars
Benefits to the customers
  • Free from normal Exchange control regulations
  • Export tax benefits
  • Free of customs duty
  • Lower interest rates on borrowings when compared to local currency
  • Exchange rate fluctuations will not effect the investor
Our services
  • Accept Demand , Call and Time Deposit accounts.
  • Inward, outward remittances on behalf of clients
  • Reconciliation of Nostro accounts
  • Control funds of all NRFC/RFC units of the Branches
  • Investment and Fund Management
  • Financing for Imports and Exports
  • Credit appraisal and approval
  • Arranging Syndication
  • Long term Offshore borrowing through different instruments
  • Provide capital for overseas branches
  • Direct lending to our overseas branches