Demand Deposits 
  • Initial Deposit of USD 5,000/- or its equivalent in other designated currencies is accepted to open a Demand Deposit Account.  Payments will be made on written instructions as cheque books are not issued .
  • Time Deposits 
  • Minimum Deposit of USD5,000/- or its equivalent in other designated currencies is accepted.  Deposits may be placed on  7 Day Call , 3 Months , 6 Months or 12 Months.  Attractive interest rates based on the prevailing international market rates are applicable for the Time Deposits
Inward outward remittances 
  • Outward remittances could be effected free from Exchange Control requirements.
  • Financing and Advisory Services 
  • Customers who require advices in Offshore Banking activities relating to Trade Finance , Fund Transfers and credit  are given by the Officers specialized in respective areas.
  • How do I get an offshore bank account
  • To open offshore bank account is quite simple and requirements that offshore banks set for their customers are quite standardized
Current account could be opened for
  • A company registered in abroad
  • A company registered with Board of Investment (BOI) in Sri lanka
  • Documents required
  • Individuals 
  • Other Approved Institutions (Under the Approval of Controller of Exchange)
For further details call

Senior Manager- Accounts & Admin