Special Foreign Investment Deposit Account (Sfida)

Eligibility to open an account  

  • Citizens of Foreign states.
  • Sri Lanka Citizens resident outside Sri Lanka.
  • Corporate Bodies incorporated outside Sri Lanka.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors.

Documents we need to open an account  

  • Photocopies of relevant pages (Photo & Visa) of passport (Individuals).
  • Relevant A/C opening Mandate Form Individual / Joint.
  • Appropriate A/C opening Mandate forms & documents for companies.


  • Any Amount of Inward Remittance (DD/TT/Foreign Notes).
  • Not permitted to use existing NRFC / RFC Funds.
  • Accounts can be opened in designated foreign currencies or in LKR.
  • Travelers Cheques issued outside Sri Lanka and Foreign Currency Notes bought in to the Country by account holder will be accepted to credit to the Account only if they were declared to the Sri Lanka Customs on their arrival.