Foreign Exchange Earners Accounts (Feea)

Account for foreign exchange earners in order to facilitate foreign exchange transactions.

Eligibility to open an account  

Following residents in Sri Lanka who earn Foreign Exchange are eligible to open FEEA.

  • Individuals
  • Companies incorporated in Sri Lanka.
  • Sole proprietorships and partnerships registered in Sri Lanka.
  • Companies incorporated outside Sri Lanka, which are registered as overseas companies under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007.
  • Eligible borrowers who have borrowed under the External Commercial Borrowing Scheme (ECBS) implemented in terms of the Notice published in the Gazette (Extraordinary) No. 1791/15 dated 01.01.2013.

Opening of Accounts

FEEA could be opened in the Form of Current, Savings or Term Deposits in designated Foreign Currencies.

Documents we need to open an account

  • Mandate/ Signature Cards /KYC Form.
  • Companies incorporated in Sri Lanka.
  • At the time of opening FEEA documentary evidence to prove that the applicant is compliant with the rules and regulations issued by the relevant authorities and has foreign exchange earnings.

Salient Features

  • FEEA Current Account
    • Cheque Book will not be issued. The Funds in the account can be withdrawn using Cash Debits and Fund Transfers only by a written & signed request.
  • FEEA Savings Account
    • Pass Book will not be issued and instead of that, a monthly statement will be issued.
    • Interest rates in the Treasury Notice will be applied.
  • FEEA Term Deposit Account
    • A Term Deposit certificate will be issued.
    • Interest rates in the Treasury Notice will be applied.