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Pay Office at Bandaranaike International Airport

Facilities Available at Departure counter

  • Sale of foreign currency
  • Re-exchange of unexpended Sri Lankan Rupees by passengers on their return
  • ATM  operations
  • Issuing NRFC opening mandates

Facilities Available at Arrival counter

  • Purchase of Foreign  Currency
  • Purchase of Travellers Cheques
  • Encashment of Foreign Drafts
  • Deposits to NRFC Accounts
  • Deposits to Foreign currency  / LKR Accounts to permitted account holders
  • BOC Smart remit payments
  • Payment of loss baggages charges

Departure Transit area (Re-exchange counter)

  • Re-exchange for foreign passport holders only

Working Days and hours:     24 hours  /   365 days

For more details:

Tel +94 11 2252424 / +94 11 2264750   
Manager BOC - Pay Office,
Bandaranaike International Air port,