Government Housing Loan Scheme
Ran Nivasa Housing Scheme


Ran Nivesa Housing Loan scheme is designed to meet the housing needs of customers


  • Purchase of a House
  • Construction
  • Purchase of land to construct a house thereon
  • Extension
  • Repairs

Eligibility requirement

  • Age between 18 -55  years
  • Sufficient income to pay monthly installment and interest
  • Ability to contribute 25% of the total cost
  • Maintain an account with the Bank of Ceylon/open a new account

Loan Details

Loan amount  upto Rs.8 millon

  • Rate of interest 11.5% p.a. (current rate)
  • Period of repayment –upto 20 years/ upto the 55 years of age
  • Security - Mortgage over house & property /or any free-hold property

Required documents

  • Evidence of income\salary

  • Title deed and certified extracts

  • Survey Plan

  • Title Report

  • Local authority documents

    • Certificate of Non-vesting

    • Certificate of ownership

    • Certificate of street lines

    • Assessment notice for the current year

  • Tax Receipt for the last quarter

  • Agreement with the seller (if purchase)