To invest in Sri Lanka Share Market/ Government Treasury Bills / Treasury Bonds

You can open Securities Investment Account with Bank of Ceylon (BOC) to invest in Treasury Bills/Treasury Bonds issued by Government of Sri Lanka/Equity capital of companies incorporated in Sri Lanka /Units of Unit Trusts in Sri Lanka.
Following Investors are eligible to open SIA with BOC
  • Foreign Institutional Investors such as Country Funds, Regional Funds, or Mutual Funds               
  • Corporate bodies incorporated outside Sri Lanka
  • Citizens of foreign states whether resident in Sri Lanka or outside Sri Lanka
  • Non-resident Sri Lankans
  • Sri Lankan professionals living in Sri Lanka who receive inward remittances
  • Dual citizens who receive inward remittances


Those who have already opened following accounts can unify their accounts and renamed as SIA.

  • Share Investment External Rupee Account (SIERA)               
  • Treasury bond Investment External Rupee accounts (TIERA)
  • Treasury bill Investment External Rupee accounts (TIERA 2)
  • Treasury bonds/bills Investment External Rupee accounts(TIERA-D)
Permitted Credits to SIA
  • Inward remittances received from abroad through banking system
  • Transfer of funds from NRFC/FCBU/RNNFC accounts of the same account holder
  • Sale proceeds realized out of sale or transfer of maturity of T-Bonds/T.Bills or any income realized by way of capital gain thereof
  • Sale proceeds of share supported by documentary evidence (Broker’s Contract Notes and evidence of payments of tax etc.,) and dividends
  • Dividend income on units of unit trusts net of tax supported by documentary evidence
  • Proceeds on redemption of units net of tax supported by documentary evidence
  • Commission related to share transaction with supporting evidence
  • Liquidation proceeds of companies
  • Interest received on T-bonds and
  • Other all credit permitted on shares in terms of operating instructions No.06/02/12/2001 dated 06/11/2001 in respect of Stock Borrowings and Lending (SBL) transactions
Permitted Debits to SIA
  • Payment for investment in shares/units of unit trusts/T.Bonds/T.Bills
  • Outward remittances of sales redemption/maturity or liquidation proceeds of shares/units/T.bonds/T.bills and dividend of shares or units
  • Payment to brokers ,primary dealers ,lead managers, management company of unit trust and bank charges
  • Payment of local expenses of the account holder
  • Transfer of funds to the accounts maintained by the account holder at FCBU
  • All debit permitted in CBSL operating instruction number 06/02/12/2001 of 06.11.2001 in respect of SBL instruction on shares
Transfer of funds between SIA of the same account holder shall be permitted
SIA may be held jointly by eligible investors
Eligible investors also can apply Repurchase/Reverse Repurchase transactions using T-bills/bonds purchased under the scheme
Documents we need
For Individuals
  • Photocopy of the pages of Passport with Photograph and details
  • Mandate Form duly completed and signed
For Companies
  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association duly certified Mandate Form duly completed and signed
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