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  BOC - SmartGen


The next generation of savings accounts offers customers a wide array of services to enjoy speed and convenience of banking with Bank of Ceylon.

SMARTGEN account could be opened in less than 10 minutes of your time and it is fully activated instantly to operate

SmartGen is the first step taken by the bank as part of a range of new digital offerings to ensure BOC customers island-wide enjoy its multiple benefits. Simply walk into any BOC branch to open your SmartGen account today... - for a smooth and delightful banking experience


Unique features of SMARTGEN:

A passbook-free account

Free Internet banking access instantly

Instant SMS alerts on transactions

Monthly email statements

Instant account opening

Activated debit card to be given at the time of account opening


             Benefits such as insurance etc attached to the main products are available for SmartGen version of those products. 

           (Eg. BOC SmartGen 18+, BOC SmartGen Kantha Ran Ginum)


Universal banking at any BOC branch island-wide offers customers the ease of transacting seamlessly as the customer’s photograph and signature will be captured digitally at the time of opening the account.