“A Trillion” Hat-trick from Bank of Ceylon.


The Bank of Ceylon scored its third “Trillion” at the end of the year 2016. That is surpassing the Rs. One trillion mark in advances- another unique milestone in its 77-yearjourney as “the Bankers to the Nation” and becoming the first ,and up to now the only bank to pass this milestone in Sri Lanka. The Bank’s balance sheet has expanded at an impressive scale since its first “Trillion” target was achieved in 2012 by accumulating over Rs. one trillion assets in the Bank’s balance sheet ,becoming the first business entity in the country to do so. Then by 2015 the Bank fully justified the trust placed in it by the public by announcing its second “Trillion”- Rs. One Trillion deposits. The Bank of Ceylon has been striving towards these big goals whilst maintaining itself as the largest contributor to the national economy in so many different ways. “Being a state owned Bank and a key player in financial mechanism in the country every achievement of ours gets directly translated into country’s economic development. Being in line with the government initiatives towards Sri Lanka’s economic progress, we have managed a diverse lending portfolio that encompasses of almost all public and private organizationson different scales of operation and individuals from all walks of life.For the Bank it is always not the highest profit margin that matters, but always to look into sustainable growth of both the customer and the bank. Therefore, this announcement speaks of investment made in developing businesses and the people of this country. I wish to thank our customers, dedicated staff including those who have retired from the service for their contribution and all other stakeholders at this juncture.” stated the Chairman Bank of Ceylon, President’s Counsel Mr. Ronald C. Perera.


Moving onto implementing government-backed initiatives on catering to the unbanked segments in the country and building their confidence in the banking industry BOC has led many projects such as “SamataGinumak”, Branch on Wheels, “BOC Mithuru” and many other financial inclusion programs. Many of these programs looked into entrepreneur development, women and youth development.


The Bank has moved into new-age banking with its digital infused transformation that has revolutionized banking operations overall. With this transformation BOC introduced many novel features internally and as well as for the Sri Lankan Banking industry that has enabled seamless banking transactions. Reiterating its commitment to all Sri Lankans, the Bank ensured that all benefits derived from these novel initiatives will stream down to every nook and corner of the country. Currently the Bank maintains 628 branches, 689 ATMs and 123 CDM network and 15 Regional loan centers within the country. Considering the importance of customer interfaces the bank has upgraded many of its key branches with “SmartZones”- a 24-hour digital banking self-serving lobbyand even converted Thissamharama, Kekirawa and Kilinochchi, branches as “Green Branches”.


“Passing the Rs.One trillion target in advances is an overwhelming achievement. This is proof that we have improved our operational versatility and effectively managed requirements of our customers. In recent years we have managed to become the highest profit earning single business entity in the country. Our asset base now stands at an astounding Rs.1.6 Trillion and our deposit base has improved up to Rs. 1.2 Trillion. The Bank of Ceylon iseverybody’s Bank where we cater to Micro, SME, Corporates and Individual customers in the country.”Stated the General Manager Mr. D. M. Gunasekera.  “We have refined our strategic goals to be more customer-centric taking into account the present convenience-driven lifestyle of customers. At the same time, we will continue to contribute to economic development projects and initiatives of the country even better.” He further added.


The Bank of Ceylon was reaffirmed as the country’s No. 1 brand for the last eight consecutive yearsby the Brand Finance Lanka.The Bank earned global recognition as one of the top 1000 banks in the world, (Country rank No.1) as listed by “The Banker Magazine” (UK) respectively in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Bank claimed its award as the only Sri Lankan brand recognized as one of Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India. Focusing on the Banks achievement, Fitch Rating Lanka reaffirmed the Bank of Ceylon at AA+(lka) which is the highest rating awarded to a local commercial bank and ICRA (lk) awarded AAA rating which is the highest credit quality rating issued by ICRA Lanka.BOC won the merit award for Annual Report 2015 under state owned enterprises category at the Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards – 2016 conducted by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. “Asia’s Best Employer Brand” awards organized by Employer Brand Institute endorsed the BOC as one of those classed as a “Best Employer Brand” for the year 2016.TheBank of Ceylon maintains international presence with three overseas branches and a subsidiary in London.

The Bank of Ceylon’s General Manager/CEO Mr. D M Gunasekara is among the 100 Global Sustainable Leaders. 


The World Sustainability Organization recognized the BOC’s General Manager/CEO Mr. D.M. Gunasekara as one of the “100 Global Sustainable Leaders’ at the “World Sustainable Congress” held in Dubai. This ceremony was organized by the “World Sustainability Organization” which is a “non-profit organization” advocating government bodies and private organizations and public interest groups in the world for sustainable leadership accelerating sustainable business practices and solutions. This ceremony aims to bring together CEO’s and professionals from multiple industry segments that stimulate the global business community for a better tomorrow. 


The Bank received several awards to its credit, claimed its award as the only Sri Lankan brand recognized as one of Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India. Respectively in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 the Bank earned global recognition as one of the top 1000 banks in the world (Country rank No.1) as listed by “The Banker Magazine” (UK). Since 2008, for the last eight consecutive years Brand Finance Lanka has ranked BOC as the country’s No. 1 Brand for enhancing its Brand value significantly over years. The Bank of Ceylon won the overall Gold Award at the National Business Excellence Award Awards Ceremony 2015 with five other “Winner” awards. The Bank was named as the “Strongest Bank” for the year 2015 in the country by the “Asian Banker”.


These key achievements coupled with being endorsed as one of the “Asia’s Best Employer Brands” by Employer Brand Institute for the year 2016 were gained during the term of Mr. D.M Gunasekara. These achievements testify Mr. Gunasekera’s effort in steering the Bank as the CEO spearheading the Bank to meet challenges successfully and achieve remarkable heights. Mr. Gunasekara was the only Sri Lankan CEO to be selected among 100 global sustainable leaders named in 2016 by the World sustainability congress.


“It is a pleasure to be recognized among the 100 Global Sustainable Leaders, I have acquired knowledge, skills and experience in banking and has reached the pinnacle of my career as the General Manager/ CEO of Sri Lanka’s No.1 Bank, Bank of Ceylon. I take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues who helped me to reach this great milestone.” stated Mr. Gunasekara.


Other significant achievements in 2016 were the surpassing Rs.1 Trillion Deposits followed by surpassing Rs. 1.5 Trillion in its Asset base after achieving a Rs.1 Trillion asset base in 2012. Setting a new benchmark in the Sri Lankan banking industry The Bank became the highest profit earning single business entity in the country with a Rs.25 Billion PBT in 2015.


Mr. D.M Gunasekara counts over 33 years Banking experience and commenced his career in retail banking, which enriched him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of credit management, administration and retail and Corporate banking. He served at the BOC London branch from 1997 to 2000 gaining international exposure. He joined BOC in 1983 and held several key senior positions in the bank. He is an Alumnus of the University of Colombo with a special Degree in Public Finance and Taxation (1981). Mr. Gunasekara is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka and a member of the Association of Professional Bankers. He has successfully completed the programme on Corporate Management for Sri Lanka (LKCM2 AOTS) in Japan and also followed an Advanced Management Programme conducted by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, USA. 


As a leader Mr. Gunasekara has been an inspiration to the whole staff to become professional bankers who deliver the best to their customers and the community to grow together. With his global focus he has initiated many projects and policies to empower the staff and move the Bank towards a fully-fledged digital change pushing it to thrive and to go an extra mile to reach excellence in banking. With the Recent Branch modernization several next generation products and services were added. They include digital SMART Zones, Regional Loan Centers and centralization of business processes. Internal processes and systems were upgraded by building up infrastructure that includes IT, process automation and capacity building. As a part of this process the bank activated the 5S concept within the bank and its branch network which enhanced operational efficiency and reduced wastage of resources. “Quality Circles” were formed in order to ensure the sustainability of the process. In addition to these initiatives the Bank incorporated “Green Banking” into its business model to save the environment all of which it operates under the guidance of Mr. Gunasekera.


 Mr. Gunasekara is a Non-Executive nominee Director on the Boards of Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC., BOC Travels (Private) Ltd, BOC Property Development & Management (Pvt) Ltd., BOC Management & Support Services (Pvt) Ltd., Bank of Ceylon (UK) Ltd., Ceybank Assets Management (Pvt) Ltd, member of the Governing Board of IBSL, Executive Committee member of APRACA and serves in many other Boards including holding the post of the Chairman of Sri Lanka Banker’s Association. With Mr. Gunasekara’s strong ties with the community he as well as the bank was able to maintain a healthy relationship with the industry and the community at large thereby adding value and assisting many stakeholders.

The Bank of Ceylon celebrates its 77th Anniversary whilst trailblazing a digital transformation.


The Bank of Ceylon celebrates 77 years of trailblazing transformation in the financial services industry in Sri Lanka. The establishment of this indigenous modern bank took place in 1939 and since then it has been shaping the banking industry addressing the emerging needs of customers. The Bank evolved from simple passbook to phone banking, from cash counter transaction to 24 hour enabled digital SmartZones and from traditional banking methods to cyber/virtual banking incorporating green banking to name a few of its achievements during the 77 year journey towards digital transformation.


A state council member Mr. George E De Silva spearheaded a demand for the establishment of a state aided bank. The inauguration took place at No. 41 Bristol Street, Colombo Fort on 1st August 1939 with the patronage of the British Governor Sir Andrew Caldecott. Just as it addressed the need of that time for a commercial bank for people of this country, the Bank still proudly upholds same core values that were transmitted by its founders to be a leader of positive economic change and a passionate banking service provider who provides support to all its customers from all walks of life.  


In 1941 Bank of Ceylon opened its first outstation branch in the hill capital of Kandy which completes 75 years in 2016. Orchestrating an expansion of its branch network to all the main cities and towns it was able to reach customers throughout the country. Currently it has 627 branches across the country with over 1200 customer touch points. Apart from its main branches Bank also maintains 15 SME units to encourage entrepreneurial growth at the grass root level. The Bank’s overseas network expansion began in 1949 with the opening of Bank of Ceylon London Branch, since then it has expanded over to Male in 1981, Chennai in 1995 and moved to Seychelles in 2014.


Incorporating innovation as a part of their story, the Bank has always applied value additions that are combined with novel operational methodologies which enabled the Bank of Ceylon to grow stronger and strengthen the country’s economic resources. The Bank’s consistency in delivering best-in-class service has become the standard of excellence in the market. The brand “BOC” was placed as the No.1 Brand by the Brand Finance Lanka, for eight consecutive years above all brands available in the country. It continued to set remarkable record as the highest profit earning business entity in the country with a record of Rs.25.3 Billion PBT for the year ended in 2015. It has surpassed Rs.1 trillion in asset base in 2012 becoming the first to pass this milestone. The Bank also exceeded Rs.1 Trillion in deposit base and will reach its “third trillion” achievement in the near future.


The multi-faceted services are the greatest strength of BOC. From the children’s savings account to corporate credit, for state sector and private organisations, BOC is active at every level. The BOC has the strength and the diversity of resources to offer its customers a range of financial solutions; such as Corporate Banking, Personal Banking, SME Banking, Islamic Banking, Investment Banking, Off-shore Banking, Development Banking, International and Treasury and Trade Financing services, through its widely spread branch network covering all parts of the country.


“77th Anniversary is an exceptional milestone and there are not many indigenous financial organizations which celebrate such occasion. As we celebrate and reflect the on the past 77 years we remind ourselves that, as the leading Bank in the country that every step we take to re-modify and transform our banking processes has the effect of providing greater value to Sri Lankans at large. Beginning from the traditional age old “Savings Pass” book and “Cash Counter” up to paperless online and mobile banking we have come a long way driving both the industry and the community towards digital banking” Stated President’s counsel Mr. Ronald C. Perera Chairman Bank of Ceylon. 


The Bank is now moving further in the process of transforming the branch network to enhance customer experience by facilitating customer convenience and speedy service. “Our success depends on our customers’ success and by deploying digital transformation we ensure to deliver our customers the best possible banking experience in return for the trust that they have placed in us for 77 years. We are now providing state-of-the-art technology in many of our key branches and move on transforming other BOC branches to provide utmost convenience to our customers anywhere in the country. We have also integrated “Eco/Green banking” concept with our services which is also a timely concern” stated Bank’s General Manager Mr D M Gunasekara.  


In line with the Bank’s 77th anniversary on August 1st, the Bank of Ceylon will conduct several events that includes religious and traditional ceremonies that includes a colourful traditional perehera/ procession followed by a “pirith ceremony” in the evening of 5th August at the Bank’s Head Office building and a blood donation campaign on the 1st of August 2016. There will also be celebration ceremonies organized in the Bank’s branch network and the bank cordially invites its customers to join these celebrations at their “BOC” branch.    


The Bank of Ceylon earned global recognition as one of the top 1000 banks in the world, (Country rank No.1) as listed by “The Banker Magazine” (UK) respectively in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Bank claimed its award as the only Sri Lankan brand recognized as one of Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India. Focusing on the Banks achievement, Fitch Rating Lanka ranked the Bank of Ceylon at AA+(lka) which is the highest rating awarded to a local commercial bank and ICRA (lk) awarded AAA rating which is the highest credit quality rating issued by ICRA Lanka. 


“BOC Hapana” Scholarship seminar completes sixteen years with its 1130th seminar in Matugama.


BOC Ran Kekulu “Hapana” program series reached its 1130th seminar at Matugama Ananda Shasthralaya on 3rd July 2016. The 1129th program was concluded on 2nd July 2016 in Katana Dutugemunu Vidyalaya. All these programs are conducted completely free of charge for children who sit for the grade 5 scholarship examination this year and there is no necessity to be a BOC account holder. From the point of view of the Bank of Ceylon’s Corporate Social Responsible initiatives, uplifting the educational standards of the country’s younger generation is considered as one of the key aspects. Among many initiatives “BOC Hapana” is one direct method of carrying out this mission. Other initiatives include Ran Kekulu Scholarship Awards for grade 5 scholarship highflyers, BOC Sponsored “Nena-Pahana” TV series on Rupavahini channel every Monday from till that focuses on Grade 5 Scholarhip training and 18 Plus Scholarship Awards for A/L highflyers.


“BOC Hapana” is a dedicated program that has been an immense support to children who face the grade 5 scholarship examination. It has been going on for sixteen years since 2000. The bank has obtained the service of a very experienced panel of teachers and instructors throughout these years to conduct this well structured series of seminars which has contributed immensely for the success of the program. The Bank with the panel of instructors ensure that the modules discussed are updated according to syllabus change that takes place from time to time in order to ensure the effectiveness of the program to guide students to pass this hurdle. Mainly focused on developing the required skills in students for the exam, it also includes a discussion of a mock examination paper and conduct subject oriented curricular activities. Having been conducted in both Sinhala and Tamil language that will be delivered on request, “Hapana” has coached over 680,000 children throughout the country.


Although the main focus is given for the discussion of mock examination papers, the program also gives instructions for students to follow at any given examination to obtain exemplary results. It also discusses about effective studying methods, goal setting and timing. This comprehensive guidance also includes tips for parents who work as hard as their children to prepare his/her child for the examination. So far this programme has shared knowledge with over 500,000 parents who have participated. The Bank of Ceylon sincerely takes pride in being able to provide assistance to future leaders of the country in the best possible way it can. Therefore the whole program gives a new life changing experience to both parent and child. The Bank organizes around 80 scholarship coaching programs annually covering every province including North and East. The program is co-sponsored by Ceylon Biscuits (Munchee) and Camillus publications.



The Bank of Ceylon Ran Kekulu Scholarships Awards Reward 2000 highflyers of 2015 Grade 5 Scholarship Examination.


The main ceremony of BOC’s Ran Kekulu (RKG) Scholarships Awards, which recognizes highflyers of the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination 2015 is scheduled to be held at the National Youth Council Centre at Maharagama on Thursday 16th June 2016. Highflyers of who have scored 175 or above and have met the eligibility criteria of maintaining a minimum of Rs.2500/- in BOC RKG savings account at the time of sitting the examination will be  awarded scholarships worth Rs.10,000/- each. At the same event eleven students with island top ranks at this examination will also be recognized with the award of a scholarship, a certificate and a gold medal. In line with the main event at the Maharagama Youth council centre the bank has made arrangements to conduct similar events in each province covering the entire country grants 2000 scholarships on the same day.


The Bank has also made arrangements to reward BOC RKG students who have met the eligibility requirement and have passed the grade 5 scholarship examination with marks below 175, with a special gift pack and a certificate of recognition. These gifts will be given to those students two weeks after the main ceremony and provincial ceremonies.


The bank has been providing motivation to students to come up with exemplary results at this examination through programs such as this scholarship program and “Hapana” scholarship training program. The Bank of Ceylon has been granting Grade 5 scholarships since 2002 and this year is the awards ceremony is being held for the 15th time. Its “Hapana” coaching program has passed over 1100 coaching sessions and has trained over 680,000 students all over the country. The special parent’s training programs that are conducted along with this “Hapana” program has directed over 380,000 parents on how to support their children in their education not only to pass examinations of this nature but also on how to enlighten/empower themselves through quality education. Further assisting in this task the bank has sponsored the popular scholarship TV programme “Nena- Mihira” which telecast via Rupavahini every Monday fro till This programme often associates itself with schools to add a variety to it and to make the programme more interesting for children


As a Bank with an inherent duty towards the country, BOC has undertaken promoting education in the country as one of its prime Corporate Social Responsibilities. Apart from aiding the primary/initial education the Bank has included 18 plus scholarship schemes and encourages higher and professional education through special lending schemes through inclusive financial assistance in an affordable manner.


Giving special consideration in securing the future of youngsters in the country, BOC’s Ran Kekulu accounts always carry an additional 1% above the normal rate. This account is also linked with free life insurance cover for the parent or guardian up to a maximum of Rs.500,000/- (minimum balance of Rs.5000/- should be maintained for a period of six months or more prior to the incident). Any parent or guardian who opens Ran Kekulu accounts for more than one child will be covered up to a maximum of Rs. One Million. The child will also get a free medical insurance cover up to Rs.100,000/- per annum in the event of an accident or 10 specified critical illnesses requiring hospitalization for more than three nights (minimum balance of Rs.5000/- should be maintained for a period of six months prior to the incident/illness).


The Bank of Ceylon was named  the Strongest Bank in the country for the year 2015 by the prestigious “The Asian Banker” and it earned global recognition as one of the top 1000 banks in the world, (Country rank No.1) as listed by “The Banker Magazine” (UK) respectively in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The Bank of Ceylon won the overall Gold Award at the NBEA Awards Ceremony 2015 with five other “Winner” awards. The Bank claimed its award as the only Sri Lankan brand recognized as one of Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India. Brand Finance Lanka ranked Bank of Ceylon as the country’s No. 1 brand for the last eight consecutive years. The Bank has passed exceptional milestones in recent years such as becoming the first to gain over Rs.1.5 Trillion assets and over Rs.One Trillion Deposits. Focusing on the Bank’s achievement, Fitch Rating Lanka ranked the Bank of Ceylon at AA+(lka) which is the highest rating awarded to a local commercial bank and ICRA (lk) awarded AAA rating which is the highest credit quality rating issued by ICRA Lanka. Bank of Ceylon maintains international presence with three overseas branches and a subsidiary in London.

BOC 18 plus Scholarship Awards - Empowering youth to achieve their Ambitions.


BOC 18 Plus, the premier youth savings account in the country is yet again set to award 18 plus scholarships for eligible 18 Plus account holders currently studying in state universities, in recognition of their achievements in the 2013 Advanced Level examination. This year the bank will be awarding scholarships to 95 students, where 20 students will be eligible for the special merit awards, those eligible for this special merit awards and those who obtained the highest marks in those four streams- Science, Mathematics, Commerce and Arts. Each student will receive a scholarship of Rs.35,000/.  The other 75 students will be selected through a raffle draw and each one of them will be awarded a scholarship worth Rs.30,000/-.


The Bank of Ceylon conducts this annual awards ceremony since year 2002 as a part of banks Corporate Social Responsibility towards empowering and motivating Sri Lankan youth to pursue higher education and reach their highest potential to achieve a sustainable development in the country. So far BOC has granted 1050 scholarships worth of Rs.28 Million. Selection criteria for this year’s scholarship were based on the 2013 Advance Level examination results. 18 Plus account holders who have maintained Rs.5000/- uninterruptedly in the account from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013 were considered eligible for the scholarship.


Understanding the current need of the young generation, BOC has re-energized the “18 Plus” account as a “18 Plus-SmartGen” account that enables tech-savy youth to experience sophisticated banking at their convenience. Bank has digitally enabled SmartGen account holders to transact 24X7 throughout the year with free access to online banking. From the moment of opening the account just within ten minutes, BOC Smartgen ensures that customers get all other services done in matter of few minutes.  Customers can also walk into any BOC branch for transactions as their photograph and signature will be captured digitally at the time of account opening that adds more safety to the account. It provides an instantly activated debit card free of charge. Keeping customers in touch with the account the free SMS alert service is linked to the account enables him/her to monitor each and every transaction including debit card transactions on the spot and the customer will also receive an e-statement every month end to reconcile and manage their financial commitments and savings giving customers peace in mind making 18 Plus SmartGen truly the “New Generation’s” account.


Adding much sophistication BOC began its “Transformation” project to deliver best-in-class banking service to its customers. Under this project Bank has established state-of-the-art branches to extend the “world class banking service” experience to its customers. BOC introduced the “SmartZone” concept in selected branches across the country enabling customers 365 day access to banking services. These Samrtzones consist of Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) and ATMs, online banking facility and Cheque Deposit facilities that empowers tech-savy customers to transact around the clock. 

BOC the Authentic Banking Leader in Sri Lanka, confirms its place as the No.1 Brand in the Country


The Authentic Sri Lankan banking leader, BOC once again was bestowed as the No.1 Brand among all the brands in Sri Lanka for the 8th consecutive year by the renowned Brand Finance Lanka through an independent and stringent analysis. Brand Finance Lanka is partnered with the Brand Finance UK with its global network spread in 17 countries. The Brand “BOC” now boasts for overwhelming Rs. 41 Billion, a growth of 8.78% in 2016 compared to Rs.38 Billion in 2015.  The Chairman of the Bank of Ceylon President’s Counsel Mr. Ronald C. Perera had this to say, “Our prime objective at all times has been to create and enhance value for all our stakeholders that includes all Sri Lankans. As the country moves on in the progressive path for a more refined and long term economic and social development the Bank of Ceylon, the leader in the banking industry will take up the responsibility to assist this endevuor, financially connecting every other sector in the country to walk towards the same goal. Therefore it is such an honor to be valued as the No.1 Brand in the country for the 8th successive year as recognition of our tireless effort.” With the confidence and trust the Bank of Ceylon has build in the Sri Lankan banking and finance industry over 76 years as the leader it has been able to set many key benchmarks that have elevated the Sri Lankan banking industry. Since its inception in year 1939 the Bank of Ceylon has at the epicenter for enriching the lives of Sri Lankans through banking services. As of today BOCs local market reach consists of 626 Braches, 15 SME Centers and 605 ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) that counts to over 1200 customer touch points which are spread throughout the country and currently serve customers ranging from individuals to corporate of all walks of life. Bank maintains over 12 million accounts which amount to more than half of the population in the country.


“Developing the brand identity in the international banking and finance arena is also in focus as it is one of the need for the country, in order to ensure our success we have adapted visionary thoughts of the digital world that could also transform the country’s banking landscapes. ” the Chairman further added.  BOC is the Sri Lankan bank which pioneered the penetration of the international market-BOC has branches in Chennai, Male and Seychelles and a banking subsidiary in London which was established in 1949. It also has its representatives in many of the countries-especially those in which many Sri Lankans work as expatriates. BOC has also built a foreign correspondent banking network with over 860 foreign banks and exchange houses.


Amidst of digital revolution that is taking place around the world, BOC made agile but more inclusive response toward the trend by becoming more client-centric and tech-savvy. It made its first entrance to the electronic banking era with the Sri Lanka’s first ever Visa International Credit Card in the year 1989. With the expansion in banking services it enriched its network connecting all branches and all other customer touch points through a single system at the end of 2004 enabling customers to transact through any branch seamlessly. Adding much sophistication BOC began its “Transformation” process in 2014 to deliver best in class banking service to its customers. Under this project Bank has established state-of-the-art branches to extend the “world class banking service” experience to its customers. BOC introduced the “SmartZone” concept in selected branches across the country enabling customers 24 hour access to banking services. These Smart Zones consists of Cash Deposit machines (CDMs) that enables the customer to deposit, transfer or withdraw money any time they need. Addressing the social need of sophisticated and secure digital channels for banking BOC upgraded its online banking facility along with its newest feature “SmartGen” where traditional passbook has been replaced through emails and SMS alerts also enabling the customer to walk into any BOC branch without producing identification to transact as customer image has been stored in the centralized system at the time of opening the account. Being more customer-centric BOC opened up its Facebook and Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn account at the end of 2015 enabling its customers to approach and feel the bank more closely.


“Achiving this prestigious rank clearly indicated that we are heading in the right direction and it is clearly a achievement of all those who associates the brand “BOC” which of course includes all Sri Lankans, So I wish to thank our beloved customers, our dedicated staff and all stakeholders for the strength and trust they have extended to us. We have always lead the way to address market changes and continuously improved ourselves as we have understood that we have to steer the bank to go beyond mere multichannel strategies to approach today’s customer and to deliver the service they expect. Therefore we develop more agile operating models that are customer-centric and provide profound solutions for all our customers coming from all walks of life and maintain ourselves the No.1 brand in the country to provide No.1 banking solutions provider for the Sri Lankan community.” Stated the General Manager Mr.D.M. Gunasekera. 


The Bank of Ceylon has passed many key milestones and has been the key trend setter in the industry. In 2012 it became the first Sri Lankan business entity to earn over Rs.One Trillion asset base, in 2014 it earned a record breaking PBT of Rs.20.3 Billion which was the highest profit earned by a single Sri Lankan business entity only to better its own record in 2015 with Rs.25.3 Billion PBT. The Bank hit its second Trillion target by earning over Rs. One Trillion Deposits recently becoming the only Sri Lankan bank to achieve this target and aspires to achieve its third Trillion target in near future. These significant figures simply speak for themselves of the trust that the BOC has placed in the hearts and minds of the people in this country. Bank of Ceylon has always been on a steadfast track to be exemplarily in the Sri Lankan banking industry and it has been recognized by many international and local awards and recognitions. National Business Excellence Awards (NBEA) organized by National Chamber of Commerce recognized BOC as the Overall Gold Winner of the event along with five other category winner titles in 2015. The very same year BOC was named as the Strongest Bank in the country by “the Asian Banker” by an independent research carried out by the region’s most authoritative provider of business intelligence. BOC has placed itself among “Top 1000” banks in the world with the country rank 1.  The Bank claimed its award as the only Sri Lankan brand recognized as one of the Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India.  The commitment and dedication BOC has shown towards its country and people over 76 years have made it truly the “Bankers to the Nation”. 


Shop with BOC Credit and Debit Cards this Aurudu Season and Enjoy a discount Marathon!.


BOC customers can now enjoy shopping with great discounts that are offered exclusively for the Bank of Ceylon Card holders this Sinhala and Tamil Avurudu season. Bringing this seasonal offer BOC has partnered with several merchants covering many popular shopping destinations to entertain many of BOC Card holders. These offers are available on selected days till April 30th 2016 at Fashion Bug, Cool Planet, House of Fashions, Hameedia, Signature, Envoy Mansion, Spring and Summer, Adidas, Saree Mandir, Diliganz Fashions, Raja Jewellers, Chamathkara, CIB/Wijeya Saree mandeer, Richlook fashion, Priyantha Textile, New Shriyani Dress point, Super fashions, Hemantha textiles, Opal, Choice park, Choice Mart, Moonage, BabyCare, Kids Land, Panther, M.D.Gunasena, Sarasavi, Dr.Nevil Fernando Hospital, Lanka Hospital, Durdans Hospital and many more. This discount marathon covers Textile and apparel, Footware, Jewellery, Hotels and spa, restaurants, toy shops, bookshops and Medical bills on certain hospitals  Customers can do their shopping with a free mind to make purchases with ease and securely without the risk of carrying the cash.


Apart from this seasonal Avurudu offer, BOC Card holders can exclusively avail themselves of this opportunity to enjoy their holidays with a massive 50 % discount at Malu Malu Resort Pasikudda, Aliya Resort Sigiriya and Kithala Resort Thissamaharama till April 30th 2016. All these special offers comes along with all other exclusive benefits BOC Card holders are entitled to. Understanding the changing requirement of customers BOC Credit Card has arranged an array of benefits for you such as the lowest interest rate in the market, free life insurance permanent disability cover (Gold Card- Rs.100,000/-, Classic Card Rs.50,000/), free lost baggage  insurance cover during air travel, Emergency hospitalization limit enhancement facility, Loyalty points and point redemption facilities, 50% cash advance  on availability of a credit limit once a month at any ATM, 52 days (maximum) interest free credit, supplementary card for 3rd party with a flexible limit, free SMS alert facility, easy arrangement plans at our merchant network up to 60 months, speedy credit evaluation for government servants and BOC customers and easy bill payment facilities. With improved real time online card transactions all Credit card bill payments will be updated instantly. All transactions made on cards can be traced easily by registering for the quick SMS Alert for any given telephone number of the customer. Customers can also register for e-statement and receive it more securely to an email account provided by the customer at the end of the each billing month.


BOC offers a range of cards that are designed to customer’s requirement and capacity. BOC Visa Cards come in the range of Platinum, International gold and International classic, its Master Card option offers Titanium range and Flexi cards are also available. With BOC Debit Card customers can withdraw or transfer money up to a maximum of Rs.100,000/- per day through any of the 676 ATMs and CDMs network that is spread across the country anytime you need. Its International card range can be easily operated whilst traveling abroad.




Bank of Ceylon scores Rs.One Trillion Deposits becoming the first and only bank to reach such heights.


The Bank of Ceylon, the Sri Lankan banking giant has scored its second Trillion by its deposit base reaching over Rs. One Trillion. With this achievement Bank has created history by being the first and the only bank in Sri Lanka to pass this milestone. The Bank’s historic first Trillion was achieved in year 2012 by earning a Rs. One Trillion asset base which was the first time any corporate entity had achieved a Rs. One Trillion balance sheet in Sri Lanka. Despite the many challenges faced by the bank due to volatility in socio-economic conditions and in the banking and financial industry, BOC has made a steadfast growth, strategically aligning its resources to achieve these targets whilst being the largest contributor to the national economy. With this record breaking achievement BOC has set a benchmark in the banking industry uplifting the country’s whole economic profile.


Along with this achievement the bank made another headline by earning the highest ever profit made by a single Sri Lankan business entity which is Rs. 25.3 Billion PBT, bettering its own record set by its 2014 profit before tax of Rs.20.3 Billion. This was a 25% growth over the previous year. BOC owns a strong balance sheet comprising robust savings deposits in both local and foreign currencies. BOC currently holds the largest foreign currency deposit base to its credit.


Being the prime state owned bank in the country BOC plays a pivotal role not only as a financial intermediary but also as a key role player in managing the financial mechanism of the country in aiding the government to achieve its socio-economic development goals. “Our strategic objectives have always been in line with the Government’s economic development initiatives. The country is in a progressive path for a refined and long term economic and social development. In this ambitious journey the Bank is connected with each one of the economic and social areas directly or indirectly and we are bound to ensure that we maintain our performance at the highest level to fulfill our duty towards the country” stated the Bank’s Chairman Mr. Ronald C.Perera.


“The Bank of Ceylon did not achieve this target single handedly. Therefore we are thankful for the support and trust it received from its main stakeholder the Government of Sri Lanka and its loyal customers ranging from individuals to corporate entities from all walks of life. Most importantly the dedication and the hard work that was rendered by the staff of the Bank was yet another key pillar in achieving this target” stated the General Manager Mr. D.M. Gunsekera. “Whilst thanking all our stakeholders who have joined hands with us in this journey, I wish to announce that we are now planning towards our Third Trillion in near future.” he further added.


During its 76 year journey, the Bank of Ceylon has been able grow enormously in scale and sophistication in both operations and products and services offered over the years. True to its title “Bankers to the Nation”, the Bank of Ceylon offers banking products to a broader spectrum of customers, from individuals, SMEs to Corporate businesses. BOC has over 1000 customer touch points including, 625 branch network across the country, SME Centres, its own 522 island-wide ATM Network and newest Cash Deposit Machines. The first Sri Lankan Bank to operate its branch overseas, BOC’s London branch was established in 1949 and later converted into a fully owned banking subsidiary. Since then the bank’s overseas branch network has been expanded to Male, Chennai and Seychelles.


Making a fundamental shift with digital transformation which is very much needed in today’s context, BOC has developed a dynamic business focus with a solid customer centric approach which comes along with a comprehensive digital touch. It has also improved its operational versatility by improvising strategic direction overtime to adapt to the industry environment. It has made itself available to all its customers 24X7 online, facebook and through a few selected branches.


The Bank has been recognized by a number of reputed international and local institutions. The most recent was winning the Over-all Gold award and becoming the winner at the National Business Excellence Awards 2015 organized by the National Chamber of Commerce, in the categories of Banking sector, Excellence in CSR, Excellence in Local Market reach and Extra-large category and the runner-up of Excellence in Capacity building. BOC was also named as the Strongest Bank in the country by “The Asian Banker”, making it stand with other banking giants in Asia Pacific region. The Bank has been ranked among the “Top 1000 Banks” in the world with the country rank No.1 by the prestigious U.K based magazine “The Banker”. These fortify not only the image of the bank but also that of the country’s economic profile by uplifting the Sri Lankan Banking industry in the international arena.